special cast

Tobias C. Fornell,  first appeared in the episode "Yankee White". Fornell is a Senior FBI Special Agent. He is often involved in "inter-agency turf wars" with Gibbs' NCIS team. The two frequently pretend to be furiously angry at each other in front of their agents, only to meet in an elevator and talk, revealing a pre-existing friendship. Their friendship is close enough for Gibbs to delay his retirement in the episode "Escaped" in order to assist Fornell in recapturing a fugitive. In the episode "Bone Yard", Fornell comes to Gibbs for help when he is accused of being a mole for the mafia. In the same episode, he reveals that Gibbs is likely his only friend. Gibbs seems to feel similarly about Fornell, going so far as to fake Fornell's death, just in case the investigation didn't clear him. It was revealed, in the episode "Twilight", that Fornell was married to Gibbs' second wife (Diane) after she and Gibbs divorced, something that Gibbs warned him against. Fornell and Diane had a daughter, Emily.

jimmy palmer

Palmer became Mallard's medical assistant both in the field and in the morgue. In the episode "About Face", He is terrified of Gibbs. Jimmy is a horrible driver and always getting lost he and Dr.mallard are often late to a crime seen because of this.

Brian Dietzen

born November 14, 1977 in colorado. He first became interested in acting when cast in a school play at the age of 8 years old, playing an evil elf in a Christmas play.

He attended Niwot High School in Niwot, Colorado where he appeared in lead roles in several productions. Later, he studied theatre at the University of Colorado at Boulder's BFA acting program, under the mentorship of Sean Kelley, an associate professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance.